Ashlyn Hayes

Hey, I’m Ashlyn and I’m writing this because my marketing company says I have to. I struggled with writing a bio for myself in 2017, when my dream of opening ashlyn&co. was getting off the ground. I mean what am I supposed to say? It all seemed so surreal. Am I supposed to talk about having been a hairstylist for over 30 years? That I have always dreamed of owning my own business? That I am a mom, a wife, a friend, and that my life is crazy? That I love my staff, my clients, and my profession….? Do you really want to know that every day I walk into this space it makes me smile? Is this interesting to you or does it all seem cliche?

Well, I am sorry Splinter Group (my marketing peeps who are also old school Chapel Hillians) I am not going to do it. I refuse to write a bio. So, to all of you that might read this, please come by and sit a spell, we have lots of snacks, I always have tunes in the background, and you can meet the rest of my wonderful staff. If you are so inclined, we even have a Frenchie or two available for snuggles in this space that is truly a respite from the world outside.

Oh and while you are here, think about scheduling a hair appointment with me, I’m really good at what I do….

Jeane Brumley

UNC alum (Go Heels!), retired middle school teacher (Go Phillips Falcons!), and Frenchie Mama Extraordinaire! When I hired Jeane to manage the salon her job description stated, ” I, Ashlyn, do hair…. you, Jeane, do everything else.”  Thankfully Jeane did not flinch and has been running the show ever since. Jeane is often armed with adorable Frenchies and a bottomless bowl of chocolates to tempt you while you wait. In her “spare” time, you can find her running the pitch clock for the Durham Bulls and volunteering for the N.C. Special Olympics!  Jeane is very sweet, as long as you don’t steal her pens! You’ve been warned…

Amanda McCoy

With over 25 years as a stylist, Amanda is an expert colorist, as well as specializing and delighting in all types of curly hair textures.  She is Ouidad trained but is comfortable with all approaches to curly hair techniques.  At home, you can likely find Amanda with her dog, Rosie, working in her garden or reading or traveling with her boys! She is a wife, a mom of 2 boys and a proclaimed “foodie”. She loves to cook and bake and eat all things yummy. Amanda is especially passionate about coffee and chocolate, then again, who isn’t?!

Cara Andersen

Cara and Ashlyn met many years and salons ago. We were lucky to reunite in 2020 when covid forced us all to rethink our lives and priorities. Cara is beyond talented and not only in ‘all things hair’. Ask her to show you her beautiful jewelry as well as her elegant line of ice dyes and anything else she might be working on.  Cara’s creative flair and exceptional eye for design makes her one of the top hair stylists I have ever met! Come sit in her chair and you will see what I mean! Follow her on Instagram @greenheartgem and find her at cloverartlab.com.

Agnes Laverne

Seriously y’all, THIS girl! I can’t even. You just gotta come in and experience the Agnes Love Train for yourself!